Slider Update

2006-03-12 10:00 - Programming

I wrote a javascript slider control a while back, used in my games section to allow players to choose how big the game should be. It was purposely very small and simple. It worked, but not perfectly.

Today, I "ballooned" the size from 2,611 bytes to 2,944 bytes, plus a 1,267 byte license block. It works much better. I've tested it in Firefox 1.5 and WinIE 6, to now allow clicking anywhere in the slider to set a value, and dragging from there, or dragging the slider knob without bugs.

Like always, you can put as many sliders in the page as you like. Sample code is available. Enjoy!


2009-11-11 03:56 - fabio

It's posible to autoset the slider ? i have a web player and want to use your slider for the Music Loaded Bar.. i tried to use drawSliderByVal(slider) but don't want to work.. i don't know the value of: slider i wan't to input my slider position like a number from 1 to 100. please help me. thanks

ps: i'm new in javascript...

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