My First Desktop App: Flavisa

2008-09-11 00:53 - Programming

I'll keep this brief, because the details are all available at the homepage. I just released the very first version of Flavisa, a program I've created to deal with long-playing flash videos and screensavers.

Though I've known how to program for quite a long while, and known how to do it quite well if I do say so myself, I've never made a real application. Especially for Windows, the API was just too daunting for too long. But I finally bit the bullet, and I think I did OK!

To be honest, the program is mostly the cobbling-together of various examples found at MSDN and a few other sites (mostly CodeProject). I'm rather surprised how far I was able to get with just that, though. Far enough that I managed to look up the remaining bits I needed. So if you ever watch flash videos (I'm finding that Hulu is a wonderful site), check the link and try it out!


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