Google Code Jam 2008: Qualification Round Complete

2008-07-17 19:43 - Programming

The Google Code Jam qualification round ran from 6PM (Eastern) yesterday to 6PM today. I remembered that around 11PM yesterday. With the rest of that time frame used up for sleeping or working, I gave it what I could with the time that remained in the day.

There's not a lot to say. I got the first two solutions, after one wrong try on the small data set each (stupid little logic errors, only 1 or 2 lines had to change). Then the large data sets ran no problem, and I now see that I got them both, to score a total of 50 points. The third problem I was totally lost with. If I had more time I might have been able to crack it, but there's a fair chance I wouldn't.

The time factors in, so with 5 hours lost I probably dropped a bit in the rankings. Still, I came in at 1348th place of 7154 entries, or somewhere in the 81st percentile. Could have been worse. It's enough to get me into the first round.


2008-07-17 22:22 - raemeg

Congratulations, Tony! And good luck on the coming challenges.


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