CSS Filter: Hide rule from Firefox and Mozilla

2005-01-27 11:40 - Programming

I found this by accident recently. It's quite simple, it's a CSS Filter to hide a single rule from at least Firefox and Mozilla, while WinIE6 can see it. I am unsure of effects on other browsers at this point. The filter looks like this:

selector { { declaration }

It's the second opening brace that breaks Mozilla, while IE happily ignores it.


Inline too!
2005-05-25 14:52 - arantius

I just tried this out, and you can work this with inline styles as well, i.e.:

<div style='color: green; { color: blue;'>

IE will see a div with blue text, FF green text. IE ignores the invalid character and keeps going, while FF/Mozilla stops at the curly brace. You can even go more extreme:

<div style='color: green; {IE only rules follow:} color: blue;'>

It's far from valid, but it does the job.

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