Bookmarklet Crunchinator

2005-02-06 01:26 - Programming

I know I said I'd post about my javascript slider control, and really I plan to, but today was full of sidetracks. In any case, I wrote something else! I had to do a little more work on my slideshow bookmarklet, and ended up rewriting a tool I saw elsewhere to add a few features. I've kept it's name, and added it to my tools section: Bookmarklet Crunchinator.

What's it for? Well, it's a tool for writing bookmarklets. Take a bunch of javascript code like you would normally write with indentation and all to make it easy to read. It formats it out, taking out excess whitespace and newlines, escaping spaces to work properly in the URL and even checking the size to let you know if it's WinIE6 compatible.

It's quite nice for how easy it was to write. I hope in the near future to extend it further by letting it replace long variable names with single character names to further enhance bookmarklet writing ease.


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